The advantages of latex foam bedding components

Latex foam mattress cores, sometimes termed foam rubber cores, consist of a matrix of harder or softer foamed molecules. Most latex foam mattress cores are a combination of natural and synthetic latex. Natural latex is harvested by draining the sap of the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis).

The open-cell foam rubber matrix, which contains myriad minuscule air bubbles, is made up of rubber molecules that react like millions of microscopic springs.

The result is a highly resilient material with unequalled point elasticity and equal pressure distribution, giving the sleeper optimal support.These excellent physical characteristics are matched by outstanding hygiene and microbiological characteristics.

The latex foam is antibacterial and antifungal, although no pesticides are used during production.

The millions of interconnected microscopic air chambers in latex foam ensure good heat insulation, optimal evaporation of transpiration fluid and a constant air circulation, creating good ventilation. Extra ventilation channels are typically inserted in the latex foam.The sleeper’s change in posture during the night creates a pump effect that generates proper air circulation.